6 Overlooked Countries You Should Book For Your Next Trip

Guest post by Jordan Greene

Editor’s Note: I’m always looking for cool new destinations for upcoming getaways and this list is full of top contenders on my list. From storybook-worthy Slovenia to exotic – and still some what untouched – Myanmar, today’s guest blogger is providing some serious inspo for under-the-radar destinations around the globe. 

For those who love traveling, life is truly seen as a never-ending journey and there are always destinations that are worth daydreaming about for a future getaway. With a bit of research, planning and flexibility, these future trips will always be exciting adventures – even more so when you visit countries that haven’t quite yet made it mainstream. Visiting lesser touristed areas without any preconceived notions allows you to truly experience the country for the first time, first-hand. Check out these 6 overlooked countries for your next trip:


6 Overlooked Countries for Your Next Getaway - The Wanderlust Effect

A gem at the heart of Europe, the scenery in Slovenia is something out of a fairytale.

If you’ve seen photos of Slovenia, chances are that they are of Lake Bled (see more here). The bright blue waters are decorated by a church spire and mountain peaks that are utterly iconic.

The capital city, Ljubljana, is beautiful enough to rival the more-popular Vienna or Prague and the rest of the country is great for all kinds of outdoor activities – hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, and paragliding. If whitewater rafting is your thing, the Soča River is perfect.


6 Overlooked Countries for Your Next Getaway - The Wanderlust Effect

Part of Great Britain, Wales can be overlooked by tourists who are drawn in by the bright lights of London or the famed landscapes in Scotland further north. But Wales has beautiful beaches, over 400 castles and is home to Snowdonia National Park.


6 Overlooked Countries for Your Next Getaway - The Wanderlust Effect

If it’s a road-less-traveled adventure you’re after, then Kyrgyzstan is for you. The Secret Traveller even goes as far to say: “You’ll feel like the first Westerner to ever set foot in some parts of Kyrgyzstan – and in a few cases you’ll be right.”

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]“You’ll feel like the first Westerner to ever set foot in some parts of Kyrgyzstan.” [/Tweet]

For anyone willing to brave into the relatively unknown, they’ll be rewarded with rustic scenery, authentic nomadic heritage and, what many travelers are looking for: great food. The country’s national drink, fermented mare’s milk, isn’t for everyone but it’s sure to be a cultural experience.



In just a short trip to Poland travelers can have a diverse experience. Each city in the country is very different from the next, distinguishing themselves with a distinct feel and social culture. Krakow is bursting with historic pride, for example, whereas Chochołów is full of charming, rustic woodwork houses and Poznan has more of a student vibe, thanks to the Adam Mickiewicz University.

‘Ile to kosztuje?’ means ‘how much?’ in Polish but don’t worry, you’ll only be using it in shock as Poland is an incredibly affordable place to travel within the European landscape, giving you another reason to visit a few of the country’s cities.


6 Overlooked Countries for Your Next Getaway - The Wanderlust Effect

Another purse-friendly place, described by Flying the Nest as the perfect destination for travelers on a budget, Portugal possibly boasts Europe’s best climate. It’s blessed with the most hours of sunshine on the continent and winter temperatures rarely drop below 5ºC on the coast. 


Since Myanmar only really opened its doors to tourism in 2012, the country is a relatively untapped Asian destination. Free from outside influence, it has remained an authentic destination, an element that is getting more difficult to find year after year.  Tourist arrivals reached an all-time high of 32,335 in January 2015, according to Trading Economics, so head there soon to scope it out while it remains untouched.

Do you have a country you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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